1. Definition and General Clauses

Yun yun AI Baby camera Co., Ltd. (“us,” “we,” “Yunyun,” or “Company”) operates and provides the services of http: //www.getcubo.com website (“Website”) and the Cubo mobile application (the website and the application are referred to as "Service, " collectively), and the product of Cubo camera (“Cubo Baby Monitor;” the service and Cubo Baby Monitor are referred to as “Our Service and Product,” collectively).

  1. We value your personal privacy highly and hereby provides this Yunyun Privacy Policy (“Policy”) to explain to you how the Company collects, processes, and uses your personal information through the Company Service and Product, and hereby promise you that when Yunyun collects, processes, and uses your, the following principles shall be followed: we shall honestly inform you in detail the items and categories of your personal information collected by us and how your personal information will be processed and used;
  2. Without your consent in advance, we shall not share your personal information with any third party, and we shall not use your personal information beyond your consent;
  3. We shall dedicate to maintain the safety of your personal information, and ensure that our safety tool is no less than the protection level available in the market.

By using the Company Service and Product or by continuing to use the Company Service and Product after any modification or amendment to our Policy, you confirm that you have read, understood, and accepted the Policy and subsequent any modification or amendment thereto, and agree that the Company collects, processes, and uses your personal information in accordance with the Policy; if you are not able to comply or do not agree with the content of the Policy, or the country or region where you reside exclude the application of all or part of the content of Policy, please discontinue to use the Company Service and Product immediately. 

Unless otherwise defined in the Policy, all the terms used in the Policy have the same meaning as they have in our “Yunyun Terms of Service.”

  1. Collection of Personal Information
  1. The Company shall collect personal information of you and/or the child (children) you photographed, in conditions include, but are not limited to: (1) when you use the Service; (2) when you register the Service; (3) when you use our product (Cubo Baby Monitor). 
  2. When you use Cubo mobile application and Cubo Baby Monitor, the Company shall collect your personal information for the specific purposes set forth below:
  1. Cubo Baby Monitor installation and assembly

When you install the Cubo Baby Monitor, we shall invite you to provide some basic personal information, such as, your email address, the ID and password of the Wi-Fi router at your home, the name(s), age(s), and gender(s) of your child (children), etc.  The information you provided is used to establish a secure internet connection to create your own user environment.

  1. Collection of environmental information

We shall collect environment information, such as, the environment temperature, humidity, and ambient light source etc. at which the device is located using the sensors build in the Cubo Baby Monitor.  By collecting the environment information, Cubo Baby Monitor may provide you better and safer services, such as, when the Cubo Baby Monitor determines that there is insufficient light, it will activate the night vision mode to provide a clearer view.

  1. Collection of video and audio information

You can freely adjust the settings regarding the collection of video and audio information by Cubo Baby Monitor by using the setting function in the Cubo mobile application, and when you turn on the AI smart detection mode in the Cubo Baby Monitor to take photographs or videos, we shall thereby collect the video and audio information of you and your child (children) and provide specific images to you via this setting so as to confirm the status of your child (children) and as a notification.  During the period which you turn on the camera of the Cubo Baby Monitor and activate the notification function of your mobile device, we shall collect, process, and use the video information of you and your child (children) collected by the Cubo Baby Monitor, and you can also check the video/audio information collected by the Cubo Baby Monitor via the Cubo mobile application. 

  1. Collection of technical information

To improve the function of the Cubo Baby Monitor and to provide you a better user experience, as well as to ascertain the technical problems you encounter when using the Cubo Baby Monitor, we shall collect the model type, serial number, software version and technical information (such as, the strength of your Wi-Fi signal) of your Cubo Baby Monitor.

  1. Storage and sharing of the information

The Cubo Baby Monitor allows you to freely adjust the settings regarding whether to store and share any specific information and content.  You can change settings, choose whether to share the saved video clips, photographs, etc. to your social media account or share with others.

  1. When you register to and use the Website, the Company shall collect your personal information, including but not limited to, your name, email address, photograph, phone number, account and password for the Website, etc.; when you use a third-party account to log into or link to the Service, the Service may also collect your personal information provided by the third-party website that you log into or link to the Service; when you purchase our product from the Website, we shall collect the information such as your pick-up address, telephone number, the number, expiration date and CVS code of your financial card or credit card to complete the payment and delivery process.
  2. In addition to the above-mentioned specific purposes and conditions in which your personal information is to be collected, the personal information about you and the child (children) you photographed (filmed) that are collected by the Company shall also be used for marketing, advertising, consumer relationship management and service, consumer protection, and survey, statistics and analysis for the promotion of the company's services and products.  We shall only process and use the personal information of you and the child (children) you photographed (filmed) for the duration of the specified purposes.  We shall not use the personal data for any other purposes without your written consent.
  3. Use of the personal information: The Company shall properly store the personal information you provided, include but are not limited to, your name, email address, and mobile phone number, when you provide your personal information using the Service for the purpose of a transaction, and all the transaction information collected by the Company are processed via secure SSL encryption protocol and AES-256 encryption storage to ensure your privacy.  The Company shall take appropriate technical and organizational security measures in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations to protect the personal information you provide.
  4. Areas of using the personal information: The areas of using your personal information includes the locations of the Company’s host(s) for storing the personal information and associated internet server host(s) and the marketing area(s) of the Company's services.
  5. Parties of using the personal information: Your personal information utilization is provided to the Company, the Company's affiliated companies, the Company's partners, the relevant outsourcing or cooperative entities and government agencies.  Unless otherwise provided by law or with your prior written consent, the Company shall not disclose or make use of your personal information to any third party.
  6. Consequence for not providing the personal information: You are free to choose whether to provide the personal data of you and/or the child (children) you photographed (filmed), but you may not be able to enjoy the services provided by the Company through this Service and the Product if you do not agree to provide your personal information.  If you use the Service and the Service provided through the Product, the Company may send you the transaction activity information through the Service and the Product via email, including but not limited to your account, contact information, inquiry or transaction records.  You may choose whether to receive such email or not, but if you do not agree to receive it, you may not be able to enjoy the Services provided by the Company.
  7. Privacy right of the child (children): To provide the Service and Product of the Company and to conduct statistical analysis to improve the Service and Product of the Company, Yunyun shall collect, process and use the voices, photos, videos and other personal data of the children (under the age of 12 years).  If you use our Service and Product, you agree that we collect, process or use the voices, photos, videos and other personal information of you and your child (children), and you are the legal agent for the child (children).  If you do not agree to the above-mentioned collection, processing or use of the personal information, please contact us, and we shall take measures to remove the personal information of the child (children) you photographed (filmed) from the Company's Service and Product server(s), and stop collecting the child or children's voices, photos, videos or other personal information, and you may not be able to enjoy the Services provided by the Company.
  8. If the Company directly or indirectly collect the personal information of any third party as a result of your use of our Product, you shall inform the third party the above-mentioned provisions of this article, and since you are the one providing the personal information of the third party to the Company, in the case of a violation to any of said provisions, you shall indemnify the Company for all damages (including but not limited to fines and damages) arising therefrom.
  1. Collection, Processing, and Use of Personal Information
  1. General Provisions:

To provide Our Service and Product and to improve the performance of our Service and Product, we will use the contact information you provided to solicit your comments and comments on our Service and Product or to ask if you would like to participate in a questionnaire or survey on your experience and similar evaluation information.

To provide you with a better and more accurate Service, we may also use the non-identifiable part of your personal information for statistical and analytical purposes, such information is used for our internal research, as well as for sales, marketing and decision making regarding the modification to our Product; for example, we will analyze the environmental information collected by the Product, such as the temperature and humidity, and used such information as the original setting in the environment of various regions.

We may use your personal information to send out press releases, marketing or promotional materials, as well as other information you may be interested in.  You can click on the unsubscribe link or other buttons with similar functions so that you can no longer receive all or part of such notification from us.

You understand and agree that the Company collects, processes, uses, or internationally transfers your personal information in an automated and manual manner in accordance with this Policy and the relevant laws and regulations.

  1. Policy for sharing personal information with the third party:

Other than the situations identified below, we shall not arbitrarily provide, exchange, rent or sell any personal information of you or the subject you photographed (filmed) to any individual, group, private company or government organization other than those described in the three preceding articles, except in the case where it is required by the laws or regulations, demanded by a competent authority, or Yunyun has a contractual obligation to disclose; the circumstances of such exception include, but are not limited to,

  1. With your written consent or by your setting on our Product and Service, such as when you choose to share your personal information with other users;
  2. With express provision in the laws and regulations;
  3. To avoid danger to your life, body, liberty or property;
  4. When cooperating with government organizations or academic and research institutes on the basis of public interest or when it is necessary for the statistical or academic purposes, and when the information has been processed by the provider, and the specific parties cannot be identified in view of the disclosure;
  5. When your use of the Service and the Product violates the "Yunyun Terms of Service", or may damage or obstruct the Service and Product and the rights and interests of other users or cause damage to anyone, it is necessary for us to disclose your personal information through our reasonable judgment to facilitate identification, contact or legal action;
  6. Other circumstances favorable to your interests.

We may employ or commission third-party companies and individuals to assist our Services, provide and execute services related to the Service and the Product on our behalf, or assist us in analyzing the Service and how the Service is used.  These third parties may only obtain the personal information of you or the child (children) you photographed (filmed) on our behalf, and are obliged not to disclose or use the personal information for any other purpose.  When we entrust a third party to collect, process or use the personal information of you or your child (children), our company will sign a confidentiality agreement with the outsourced company or individual to maintain and ensure the confidentiality level of your personal information in accordance with our personal information protection level.

We may use the non-identifiable part of your personal information for statistical and analytical purposes and share the results with our partners.  For example, we may share with them the environmental information such as the temperature and humidity of the space used by the child (children) and shall make sure that the above-mentioned information we shared will not be linked to you and that our partners shall comply with it.

  1. Log data

We may also collect information that your browser sends ("Log Data") whenever you accessing or using our Service by or through a computer or a mobile device.

The Log Data may include, but are not limited to, information such as your computer's Internet Protocol ("IP") address, browser type, browser version, the pages of our Service that you visit, the time and date of your visit, the time spent on each page, the type, identification number, operation system of the computer or the mobile device you used, and other statistics.

In addition, we may use third-party services (such as Google Analytics) to collect, monitor and analyze the log data in order to enhance the quality of our Service.  These third-party service providers have their own personal information protection policies addressing the means and principles regarding how they collect, process and use your personal information.

  1. Cookies

Cookies are files with small amount of data, which may include an anonymous unique identifier.  Cookies are sent to your browser from a respective website and stored in your computer's hard drive.

We use "cookies" to collect information.  You can set up your browser so that it refuses all cookies.  However, if you do not accept cookies, you may not be able to use some functions of our Service and Product.

  1. DoubleClick Cookies

Google, as a third party service provider, may use Double Click Cookies so that Google and/or its partners may serve ads on our Service.  You may disable the interest-oriented ad-serving by visiting the Google ad preference setting webpage (http: //www.google.com/ads/preferences/).

  1. Remarketing

Yunyun may use remarketing services to advertise on third-party websites to you after you visited our Service.  We and our third-party service provider may use cookies to inform, optimize and serve ads based on your past visits to our Service and Product.

  1. Google AdWords

Google AdWords service is provided by Google Inc.

You may disable Google Display Advertising and customize the ads served by Google Display Network by visiting the Google Ads Settings webpage (http://www.google.com/settings/ads).

Google also recommends installing the Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on using https://tools.google.com/dlpage/gaoptout for your web browser.  Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on allow the visitors to prevent their data from being collected and used by Google Analytics.  For more information about the privacy practices of Google, please visit the Google Privacy & Terms webpage: http://www.google.com/intl/en/policies/privacy/. 

  1. Facebook remarketing service

Facebook remarketing service is provided by Facebook Inc. 

You can learn more about interest-orientated ad serving from Facebook by visiting this page: https://www.facebook.com/help/164968693837950.

To opt-out from Facebook's interest-orientated ads, please follow the instructions from Facebook as set forth in https://www.facebook.com/about/ads/#568137493302217.

Facebook adheres to the Self-Regulatory Principles for Online Behavioral Advertising established by the Digital Advertising Alliance.  You can also opt-out from the ads from Facebook and other participating companies through the Digital Advertising Alliance in the USA (http://www.aboutads.info/choices/), the Digital Advertising Alliance of Canada in Canada (http://youradchoices.ca/) or the European Interactive Digital Advertising Alliance in Europe (http://www.youronlinechoices.eu/), or opt-out using your mobile device settings.

For more information on the privacy practices of Facebook, please visit Facebook's Data Policy webpage: https://www.facebook.com/privacy/explanation.

If you agree with this Policy, you agree that we collect, process or use your personal data as set forth above.

  1. Business Transaction

If Yunyun is involved in a merger, acquisition or asset sale, your personal information may be transferred.  We will provide notice before your personal information is transferred and becomes subject to a different Privacy Policy.

  1. International Transfer

Your information, including personal information, may be transferred to — and maintained on — computers or servers located outside of your state, province, country or other governmental jurisdiction where the personal data protection laws may differ than those in your jurisdiction.

If you are located outside Taiwan and choose to provide personal information to us, please note that we transfer your information, including personal information, to Taiwan and process it there. 

By submitting such information, you agree that us transfer your personal information in accordance with this Policy.

  1. Protection of Personal Information

The servers of this Service have information security equipment and necessary safety measures, such as firewall, anti-virus system, so as to protect the Service and your personal information, and only authorized personnel are entitled to access your personal information, and all these associated personnel have signed a confidentiality agreement; if there is a breach of confidentiality obligations, there shall be a corresponding legal consequence.

If it is necessary for us to entrust other agencies to provide services for our business needs, we shall strictly require them to comply with the confidentiality obligation and take necessary inspection procedures to determine their compliance.

  1. Security and Disclaimer
  1. Security

While we take the security of your personal information very seriously, keep in mind that all methods of transmission or electronic storage over the Internet are not 100 percent secure.  While we are committed to protecting your personal data in a manner acceptable to today's technically acceptable standard, we cannot guarantee its absolute security.

  1. The services provided by third-party websites and links to other websites

Our services may include links to other websites not operated by us.  If you click on a link to the third-party website, you will be directed to the website of the third party.  We strongly recommend that you review their privacy policy when visiting any third party website.  We have no control or responsibility for the content, privacy policy or operation of any third-party website or service.

  1. Rights and Ways You May Exercise According to the Personal Information Protection Act

According to the Personal Information Protection Act, you may email your demands to the email address of the Company (support@getcubo.com) to exercise the following rights:

  1. You may inquire and request for a review or make duplications of your personal information but the Company may charge a necessary handling fee;
  2. You may request to supplement or correct your personal information but you shall submit appropriate documents explaining the reason and fact;
  3. You may request the Company to discontinue the collection, processing and using your personal information or to delete your personal information;
  4. You may request the Company to stop sending you ads and marketing events related to the Service and Product.
  1. Changes to This Privacy Policy

We may update our Privacy Policy from time to time.  When there is a change to our Privacy Policy, we will post the new Privacy Policy on our Service and Product.  You are advised to review this Privacy Policy periodically for any changes.  Changes to this Privacy Policy are effective when they are posted on the Service.

  1. Contact Us

If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy, please contact us at support@getcubo.com.

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